Monday, August 20, 2012

Inspired to Action update

So far I've started my morning before my family wakes.... 2 days in a row! Woohoo! Small beginnings, right? It feels great! I've had time to sit and soak in scripture with a study guide to help me think through some probing questions. I've had time to praise God through song, prayer and journaling. I've done a few leg lifts (a bigger exercise routine is to come...) and yesterday I even slowly enjoyed a warm cup of decaf coffee all to myself. What a treat!

Two amazing things have happened these past two days. One has been that the Lord had me up at 5am, wide awake and ready to go, with no alarm and no one else awake. So perfect! The other is that Emily has slept in WAY past her normal wake up time both times! Was God waiting for me to walk in obedience to getting up before He arranged this little blessing? Not only have I gotten up early, but I've had tons of time to myself after the fact. What I had only planned would be 30 minutes ended up being a whole hour and a half these past two days!

Emily's now up (at 6:30! Woohoo!), so off I go to greet her and the day. Hope you all have a wonderful day with God's new mercies as well. :-)


  1. So excited for you friend! We need to make time to catch up soon. :)

  2. Was just thinking about how much I miss you this morning! Yes, let's plan a phone date again soon! You free Wed nights? Greg's in Bible study til late tomorrow night.